Capital Campaign

During the six years that we have been in existence, Shanthi Mandir and the Hindu Temple and Community Center of Mid-Missouri (HTCC) have come a long way in providing indispensable service to our community. Our devotional, educational, service, outreach and youth programs have served Mid-Missouri’s Hindu community. We greatly appreciate your constant support, encouragement and volunteering to make this happen. With a steady list of accomplishments during this time we are now poised for growth.

We plan to renovate the existing Shanthi Mandir facility to serve us in the medium term (5-10 years), and to invest in land for a larger, permanent structure. The renovations are necessary to serve our community’s current needs while we systematically plan for the future. At this important crossroad, the Mandir needs your continued support.

Capital Campaign 2010, with a goal of raising $150,000, started with Ganesh Chathurthi Puja in 2010. We have currently reached 50% of our goal and seek to raise the balance of the target in donations/pledges by December 31, 2011.


The HTCC Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee have unanimously accepted recommendations to proceed with medium term renovation plans of the Shanthi Mandir, and to invest in land for a
future permanent temple. This approach will ensure that we preserve the momentum of our current operations while we plan the growth of our future activities.

Medium-Term Plan
  • Renovate the existing facility to serve us safely in the near future.
  • This plan has been fine-tuned over the last 5 years and discussed at many public forums (schematic below).
  • Renovation will allow time to systematically develop our long-term plans.
Long-Term Plan
  • Buy a 5-10 acre plot at a location convenient to our membership.
  • Develop consensus for a temple structure and plans for associated operational financing.
  • Design, construct and inaugurate the custom facility with active community engagement.
  • Consider employing a manager and a priest (at least part-time) to provide relief to our 100% volunteer-run effort.
  • Raise an additional $150,000 during Capital Campaign 2010 starting with Ganesh Chaturthi Puja, the fifth
  • anniversary of Shanthi Mandir and concluding in December 2012.
  • Allow us to undertake renovations of Shanthi Mandir as well as invest in our long-term plans.
  • Donations are tax-deductible.
  • Donations to HTCC serves the community.
  • Donations of $5,000 or more allows participation on the HTCC Board of Trustees.

Donation of $15,000 – Lifetime Trustee
Donation of $10,000 – 10-yr Term Trustee
Donation of $5,000 – 7-yr Term Trustee

  • Donations in installments or of smaller amounts are also welcome. Donations larger than $250 will count towards cumulative donations to HTCC.
  • Donations can be earmarked for purchase of land. Such donations will be dedicated exclusively for our longterm plans.

If you would like to donate please contact us.

Interested in donating online? Please use the donate button below.

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