Shanthi Sandesh Submission Guidelines

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1. The final authority: The editorial board reserves the right to publish and/or edit all submissions to the newsletter. The board’s decision is final and binding.

2. Newsletter theme and submission deadlines: Every issue of the newsletter is planned around a theme comprising a lead article and a couple of supporting articles with related interesting facts. Other open submissions are also included. This focus on select topics makes for interesting reading.  The newsletter is published quarterly at the following times:

Issue Date Shanthi Sandesh Deadline Bal Sandesh Deadline
February 15 January 30 January 20
May 15 April 30 April 20
August 15 July 30 July 20
November 15 October 30 October 20

3. Article submissions:

a) The maximum word counts for submissions are given below:
Lead article and Executive Board updates will be limited to 1,000 words.
Non-lead article will be limited to between 450 and 500 words.
Articles that are too long will be returned to the author for paring down or will be edited to meet the guidelines.

b) Articles received after the submission deadline will be published in the following issue.

c) Pictures to accompany articles are welcome. Attempts will be made to accommodate the pictures subject to space constraints provided they are relevant to the article.

d) Authors need to provide their complete name (the way they wish it to appear in print). For Bal Sandesh submissions, in addition to the author’s complete name, please also provide school and grade information.

e) Authors are encouraged to gather information from various authentic sources. However, plagiarism is strictly discouraged and ideas or information borrowed from other sources should be presented in author’s own words, with references if necessary.

4) Editing of an article is typically done to:

a) Ensure article length of 450 ~ 500 words.

b) Ensure that facts are correct (and if not easily verified, then minimally edit them).

c) Ensuring smooth flow of the article for easy, relaxed reading.

d) Ensure accuracy/consistency of spelling/grammar/style.

5) Bal Sandesh section:

a) A standard four-page pull-out section (every issue) will be published.

b) In case submissions for the issue exceed four pages, the Editorial Board will make efforts to publish extra articles in Shanthi Sandesh section, preferably in the pages following the Bal Sandesh articles.

c) Parents are encouraged to provide guidance to kids. However we encourage preserving originality and freshness of perspectives that kids bring to their writing.

d) We encourage authors to present ideas in their own words, so that the originality is maintained. If verbatim reproduction of words/lines are needed, use quotations and cite appropriate references.

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