Vegetarian Indian food: Masala Magic

Published in March 2012, Masala Magic is a collection of vegetarian Indian recipes written by members of the Hindu Temple and Community Center. The Indian cookbook features:

Contributions from 30+ HTCC members
80+ recipes
Includes appetizers, salads, chutneys, breads, rice, vegetable entrées and desserts
Extensive glossary and index

From the editors:

The contributors to this book have varied backgrounds. Most of us were born in India. Some of came to the US recently, while others have been living in the US and adapting our recipes to American supermarkets for years. Some of us learned to cook in India; others became experts with the help of our mothers’ hand-written recipes, which arrived regularly in thin airmail envelopes.

We relied on a variety of Indian cookbooks, too. As one of our writers told us, her Bible was a translation of a classic 1951 cookbook in Tamil, Samaithu Paar, translated Cook and See.

The diversity of India is reflected in this collection of recipes. So too is the varied complexity of Indian cooking.

One thing we all have in common is a passion for authentic taste, even in Indian recipes modified to suit busy schedules and local grocery stores. We hope you enjoy this community effort!

– Meera Chandrasekhar, Anantha Gopalaratnam and Sandhya Sharma, Editors

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