Hiring Priest !
Hiring Priest !

Checkout Procedure

Please leave the facility in at least the same condition you found it. The amount of cleanup will depend on your use of the facility.

  • Take trash outside to the trash dumpster at the back of the building. Replace trash bags. Trash bags are located in the cabinets to the right of the water cooler. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRASH IN THE BUILDING.
  • Sweep, dust mop, and/or vacuum floors. Vacuum cleaner, dust mop, broom, and dust pan are located in the closet in the prayer hall. If you need to mop, the bucket is in the closet. Cleaning supplies are in the closet in the prayer hall.
  • Wipe off tables, counters, sink, stove, oven, microwave, and chairs, if needed.
  • Store remaining tables in the closet.
  • Stack three chairs together and place them in the rooms.
  • Close all drapes, blinds, and windows.
  • Check to make sure that air-conditioning and all lights are off.
  • Make sure all open flames are extinguished.
  • Check to make sure outside doors are locked.

NOTE: Please let us know if you break glass or spill sharp objects on the floor (pins, staples, etc.). Infants and small children frequently use this facility.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping this facility clean & safe!

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