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SKY Beyond Sky – Part 1

Pranavi Tella recounts her preparation for a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash

Shanthi Sandesh: New Issue, February ...

The latest issue of Shanthi Sandesh, Feb 2013, has been posted. Shanthi Sandesh – February 2013

Purusha and the Creation Allegory

Purusha and the Creation Allegory

All religions have their creation myths as a part of their belief system. This Shanthi Sandesh article examines the Rig Veda, the founding document of Hinduism, to describe how the sages imagined the Universe in the form of a supreme Purusha who emerged out of the primordial energy as the source of all creation.

What is Hinduism?

Hinduism: an explanation

What is Hinduism? What makes a true Hindu? Prof HR Chandrasekhar examines the religion’s tenets through the celebrated mythology of the Mahabharata and the words of Saint Metha.